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What type of RX lenses do you offer?

We currently only offer Single Vision lenses (SV).

Most likely, your doctor has recommended a certain type lens and we encourage you to listen to your doctor! When ordering your Shwood eyeglasses you will, however, have the following lens options:

  • SV Polycarbonate
  • SV High Index
  • SV Sun Polycarbonate (Polarized)
  • SV Sun High Index (Polarized)

Polycarbonate is very impact resistant and is your least expensive option.

High Index is a material that is thinner and lighter than Polycarbonate. This helps avoid the "Coke-bottle lens" effect with stronger prescriptions. We recommend HI lenses if your sphere value exceeds -4.00 or +2.00 or the combined sphere and cylinder value exceeds -4.00 or +2.00.

In addition, you can add Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating to you lens selection. We strongly encourage choosing our anti-reflective coating if your prescription is stronger than +/- 2.00 in at least one eye.

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