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Quarantine Edition

We're here to help keep you entertained through these turbulent times of uncertainty and isolation. We'll deliver a weekly newsletter filled with good vibes and boredom busters. Stay healthy, friends.


Shaping Science

What NASA missions can teach us about teamwork, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.


Hidden Brain

Working from home: it's both a privilege and a burden. Check out this episode of NPR's Hidden Brain to discover if WFH actually works.


Haunted Airbnb

When you're feeling brave enough to travel again, these eight notoriously haunted houses will be waiting for you on Airbnb.


Warren Miller Future Retro

Kick off winter with a Warren Miller moview from the comfort of your couch with their latest Future Retro tour.

Black Friday is Coming

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Our Black Friday sale starts Monday 11/23. Sign up for a text notification when the sale begins and receive an extra $10 off your order!


Mimicking Birds

Looking for some warm-hearted and ethereal tunes to remedy these dark days? "Bloodlines" by Mimicking Birds should do the trick.

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Got tips for next week's newsletter?
Hit us up! tips@shwoodshop.com


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