Time Well Spent / No. 25


Video / How To Run 100 Miles

In September 2017, two friends stepped up to the starting line of the Run Rabbit Run 100 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The race is a 102.9-mile ultramarathon with 20,000 feet of elevation gain, which is no small feat for a couple of guys who don’t know what they’re doing.

Video Credit: R EI


Stuff You Should Know / 5 Second Rule

You know when you drop a piece of food and if you pick it up within five seconds it's still good to eat? Researchers have studied whether that's true or not and in doing so have inadvertently shone a light on how utterly covered our world is with bacteria and germs. Prepare to shudder in this episode of Stuff You Should Know.

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Video / Super Easy Ramen

As soon as the weather begins to turn even slightly chilly, ramen is on our mind. But instead of the classic noodles in broth, try these two super easy recipes for a tasty new alternative.

Video Credit: Bon Appétit

5 Minute Read

Why Are We Still Boiling Lobsters Alive?

Whether or not they feel pain aside, it’s still unnecessary.

Read the article HERE

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