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CAMP Ridge

CAMP Ridge

Travel Case
Roberto Casmi
Great design

The case is a great design and fits my glasses well, it just is not the most durable and the interior velvet layer was peeling upon arrival.

I like these glasses - they are a very good quality, the only thing I wish is that they were bigger. It is hard to tell online how big they are and these are rather small.

Austin Carroll
Great product

I got these as a gift for my wife and she absolutely loves them!

CAMP Arrowcrest
Roberto Casmi

The HD polarized plus lenses are absolute fire! Best glasses I’ve ever owned!

Malone Metal Sunglasses
Clarion Eye Inc

Have ordered this frame in for one specific pt more then once. First time the frame came apart up were the black is at top of eyewire. This last time was the frame broke right at the eyewire screw. Pt loves the look of the frame but it does seem a little fragile.

Best sunglasses

I have a pair of Shwood glasses made completely out of wood. I still have them, love them and still wear them, but they will need some glue for restoration. I love the craftsmanship of Shwood and recently bought these glasses. They still have style and great craftsmanship and are a bit more durable. I’m a fan!

michael cook
Camp sunnies

These are good glasses. Live the guy and the style!

Sleeping Bag Case
Haley Yager

Sleeping Bag Case

Sleeping bag case

Great glasses holder, so cute.

Carbon Neutral shipping

Always appreciate businesses trying to offset their carbon footprint!

CAMP Arrowcrest
Tim Botler

Perfect size, flexible and durable. Perfect for a father of 2 young boys!

Shane Fay
Best glasses I own

My favorite pair is of glasses I own

Wood ?

I have purchased a few of your eye glasses and like all of them. These candidates seem to be very similar to the camp frame and I'm really surprised that it don't contain any wood on the temples which you are noted for. Otherwise they are a good looking pair of sunglasses.

Buying second pair!

I receive so many compliments on these from stylish women, that I ordered a second pair with a little bit of difference in color. I’ve had my first pair for a couple of years and love them.

Awesome sunglasses!!!!

I am loving these sunglasses!!! Very comfortable. Light weight frames don't put a lot of pressure on my nose. The materials are gorgeous. I get compliments on them everywhere I go. The lenses are super clear and do a fantastic job blocking the sun. The little sleeping bag case is so cute. I highly recommend them.

David Escudero
Awesome shades

Lovely pair of sunglasses. I love them to much that this is my 4th pair.


The Canby ACTV sunglasses are amazing! They are so lightweight and really well-made. The high-quality lenses offer sun-protection and great visual acuity. And to top it off, they are SO PRETTY! A work of art.

Carbon Neutral Shipping
Brooke Plummer
Appreciate the Option!

I appreciate any company trying to do their part to help the environment.

CAMP Arrowcrest
Jack Loynes
Happy Wife

Previously bought a pair of Shwoods for my wife, unfortunately she lost them. Was on a business trip and remembered how much she enjoyed those glasses and ordered this new pair. She not only loves her new glasses but I gained a few points. Thanks for making such interesting glasses

Absolutely love the fit and the look, thank you so much!!!

I’ll definitely be buying another pair, stoked on these!!

Jessica Trevisan
Love them

Love how these glasses fit my face and don’t pinch my head behind the ears. Great glasses!

CAMP Trail
Matthew Kramer
Great Glasses

I bought 4 pairs for my friends, and got 4 glowing reviews of quality. Look great even wearing at a formal event :). Don't let the camp branding fool you these are classy luxury sunglasses.

Awesome shades!

Carbon Shipping

Great peace of mind!