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Best sunglasses. Ever.

I love the fit the level of tint to me they’re the best pair of sunglasses ever. When I’m wearing them my eyes don’t strain from the suns glare.

Travel Case
Kyle Stalcup

I use this case for my sunglasses while traveling and its reassuring to have such a sturdy case to protect my sunglasses

High quality!

Stylish and solid. Excited to wear these out on the lake and during fish surveys.

Canby Cactus Sunglasses
Michael Knowlton
Canby Cactus are a work of art

Amazing handcrafted quality!

Canby Wood Sunglasses
Khary Bizzell
Excellent shades!

These have been great so far! High quality and unique wood look. I bought the polarized lenses and love them. Thank you!

CAMP Cove Sunglasses
Jacqueline Johnson
Love these!

Comfortable and stylish. Very happy with the sunglasses and case.

Pendleton Kegon Sunglasses

Love these! Great quality and designs! Highly recommend ! You won’t be disappointed!


Absolutely love these sunglasses! Perfect fit, unique, classy and stylish. Wood grain compliments the frame color very well. Can’t forget to mention the sleeping bag case, it’s the little things that make these shades top notch. I will definitely be buying more.

Love them!

Very stylish and different than what a normally wear. I have a small face so they are big for my face but I wanted that look.

Solid product. Boyfriend loves them. Fit perfectly. Highly recommend this brand.

Solid product. Quick and efficient shipment and process.

Sweet Dreams

The sleeping bag case is everything you'd want to tuck your shades in for nuh-night. Stylish, kitschy & protective.

Stylish and Unique

Looks great. Not the biggest fan of the rubber bits on nose, though.

Pendleton Kegon Sunglasses
George Katsaounis
Great glasses

Awesome glasses, super light and the lenses are very clear


Great deal, great brand, fun shades.

Beautiful in every detail

I'm using an ordinary nearsighted lens in this frame. Orthodox yet unique design. Beautiful handicrafts in every detail. Very good.

sleeping bag

I love it! keeps my glasses safe and without scratch and it's super cute.

Great pair of sunglasses.

Travel Case
MeliissMelissa Mustard

Perfect size and look!

Quality Glasses

Great quality and style, but a little big for my face. Hard to order glasses online for fit. My company gave us a pair (different style) and he loves the lenses. I tried to order the other style that was given by my company, but did not get the correct ones.

High quality, look great

Enough said. I love them.

CAMP Trail Sunglasses
Michael Barry


Lenses Fitment

Shwood is without a doubt my favorite sunglasses brand. They do things creatively that you don’t see other brands attempting, while maintaining a pretty consistent quality across their products. I own a pair of Canby in acetate, a pair of Prescott in wood and now these and plan on buying more pairs in the future. I understand there is going to be physical limitations to the material they use to achieve the unique trademark look of their glasses. For example, on my Prescott the decorative wood is began to delaminate from the metal core at the “temple tip” but a bit of wood glue and some binder clips and it was a non-issue. The lenses on this pair however don’t appear to have been cut/shaped correctly to the metal frames. I first noticed that the lenses sat slightly out from the frames (towards your eyes) I know on some thin framed glasses lenses will sit out of the frame naturally, but where on the lenses and by how far that sat out is asymmetrical. Lastly, in the four top corners of the classes where the frames are supposed to curve in uniformity with the lenses there are small gaps which can be seen through. When you gently press on the lenses they don’t budge so definitely in there, but am I gonna write a puff piece or a real review? The glasses a freak’n beautiful and I’ve wanted this pair forever, so I’m happy I have them. But I plan on holding on to my purchase order just in case I need to file a warranty claim sometime in the next year.

Eugene Wood Sunglasses
Nari Sakamoto
Fast and nice

Order from New Zealand
Fast delivery service
Good quality Sunny’s

Great idea

I love the style and how they fit this is my third pair of shwoods