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Canby Wood Sunglasses
Michael Bennett
great sunglasses - tedious process

I love my Rx Canby Wood sunglasses. Other than being required to place separate orders for frames and Rx lenses and slow processing, I like supporting (mostly) American assembly. Erik smoothed out what would've been a more frustrating experience.

CAMP Trail
Richard Bogart
Pleased with products and service!

Recently I purchased two pair of Camp Trail sunglasses - I gave one pair to my son and the second pair to my son-in-law, both pair we given as birthday gifts. I have enjoyed the same model for the past year - my son and son-in-law both commented separately that they really liked the Camp Trail glasses I was wearing. I continue to be fan of the Shwood Brand.
R Bogart
Lake Forest, CA

Riley ACTV Sunglasses
Catherine Chew
Loving them

I really like the new ACTV line. Love the adjustable nose piece and I'm digging the matte apricot color.

Curtis Beaman

The value and attention to detail on these can't be beat, however where they "hug" on the nose is uncomfortable. Glasses are supposed to rest on the nose, not hug the sides. It's an odd issue I've not had on any other frame type and a little bit uncomfortable the longer you wear them.

Jennifer Gomez

I LOVE these sunglasses so much - I’ll probably end up purchasing another pair by the end of this summer!

The absolute best case!!!

I previously never carried a glasses case because of the bulk. The Shwood Sleeping Bag Case is a complete game changer. It provides protection without eating up extra space and is the only case I’ll use moving forward. Amazing quality, look and functionality!!


Absolutely love these glasses! I really appreciate the weight, fit, and finish but I’m really impressed with the quality of the polarization. Definitely saves my eyes on super bright days without just darkening my whole vision.

Kristina Corso

Great glasses, they feel sturdy. They fit well on my ears but a bummer that I am constantly pushing them back up my nose. Hope to remedy that with some nose pads.

I love these sunglasses!!!

I absolutely love these, on my 3rd pair. However, spending this much on sunglasses that have pretty cheap plastic lenses drives me nuts. As much as I love these, I’ll probably be switching in the future to something that has nice glass lenses on par with the price.

Elegant design

I struggle to find sunglasses that fit my face, and rarely buy nice ones. These are sturdy, well-proportioned, and have a nice wait to them. I ended up buying two different colors I loved them so much.

Sleeping Bag Case
Nice cozy alternative to hard cases

Compact but still padded so I can cary a little Shwood protection on the go!

Hawthorne Acetate Sunglasses
Alexander Larionov
Not Blue!

I like Hawthorne, have two different variants - blue polarized and G15 polarized. The polarization of a blue lens is very poor and spotty. Low quality, worse than some cheap polycarbonate lenses. G15 polarized lens is good. Very unhappy with blue

CAMP Ridge
Morgan Blackheart
Great sunglasses!

They look amazing and are very well made. Perfect sizing! I really like the cord they come with. The case upgrade isn’t worth it but the sunglasses totally are. A+

Roberto Hernandez
Awesome Shades

I love these sunglasses! I was afraid at first that I wouldn’t like the style once I put them on, but I love how they look on me. I’m already considering getting another pair in a different color.

CAMP Ridge
Christopher Stollar
CAMP Ridge shades are perfect for hiking

They’re comfortable and stylish for hitting the trails. I love how they both feel and look!

CAMP Trail
Josh M.
Top-quality sunglasses, impeccable customer service

I've owned many brands of sunglasses over the years, primarily those sub-brands of Luxottica (e.g., Ray Ban, Oakley, or the designer names) and athletic brands like Smith. None of those brands come close to the frame and lens value from Shwood. The hinges are solid, the acetate is high-quality, the wood inlay is beautiful, and the finish quality is high. All for a very competitive price that appears too-good-to-be-true. The lenses are fantastic and I highly recommend the HD version as it provides a significant improvement over the non-HD version.

I also own the full-wood Canby model and I do think the CAMP Trail is just as good at a fraction of the price.

Lastly, I've had some minor issues in the past, and they were handled quickly by the customer service folks at Shwood. If you have an issue, don't hesitate to reach out to them.

Solid Sunglasses

It feels good to have a pair of sunglasses that are well made. These are sturdy and the inlay is genuinely very pretty, the craftsmanship is apparent and appreciated. Looking forward to ordering my next pair.


Muchas gracias, el producto llego en una semana a mi ciudad. He hecho más de cinco compras con ustedes y esta ha sido la más rápida y fácil por el tema de impuesto también. Muchas gracias.

As usual great craftsmanship and impeccable style

Exceeded expectations

Looked great on the new flash Shwood website, look epic in real life.

Love them!

Look this brand. Will never wear anything else. Color is gorgeous.

Love these!

These not only look great, they also feel great. They’re light and provide excellent eye protection.

Travel Case
James Stith

Great case

Shwood Canby

I really wanted to like them, but they kept sliding down my nose which is why I had to return them. I might try the ACTV versions since they are more grippy and have adjustable nose grips.