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Geat bag

Love it

Love them!

Got great and very stylish!

Shortly loved

These sunglasses are amazing! Super comfy and the lenses are great, sadly they don't hold well to some random fatty sitting on them. FML they serious are asking BUY A PAIR. Just be careful where you set them down.

Francis Wood Sunglasses

Perfect sunglasses for men or women

I love these sunglasses, they are beautiful looking, very sharp in the black frames with blue lenses. The blue lenses are just the right tint, I can be outside in bright sun comfortably and then walk inside for a second without it being overly dark. My husband tried them on and they look great on him too!

Love the shades!

Ordered the mystery package after ordering a pair of the Camp shades and was so happy! Received a beautiful pair of sunglasses at a fraction of what they normally would cost. Definitely will be trying the mystery package again.

Great glasses!

Great pair of glasses

They look awesome, I would say they fit a little snug on me,but fit my wife well. Even being snug they still look amazing

Comfortable and cool

A snug fit to stay securely on, but not too tight. Very comfortable and feel well made. Big fan of the style options.

i didnt know this was gonna end up here... whatever

i love your product. i have multiple pairs. keep up the dope work. you should collab with Sticks&Stones for something. You could make like a "Gentleman's Care Package" and have a shirt/crewneck/hoody/ (baseball hat/ beanie??),, pair some dope, limited S&SxSE Shades. then maybe a ring, bracelet, necklace, keychain, earrings? some custom mix of those that also compliment the aforementioned shades. then you could either do a collab strain of weed. call it like "Shwood&Stone" and/ or like a leather, cedar, vanilla, musky candle. So far: Shades, (2/3)? rings, (1) neckalce, keychain, earrings and either a candle or some weed. move a pack for like 79.95

youre welcome. if you do end up going back to this for idea/ inspirational purposes, you should let me get the shout out and a free pack with one of everything.

im serious. so i hope you read all of this and it helps spark something at least.

Great value with unique touch

What I love most about the glasses is the classic design and polarized lenses. I was surprised to see a pair of neck strap lanyard in the box! The frames have little to no curve on the frame, have a piano black shine, and a unique wood arm on either side. I’d buy another pair without question.

Love them so much,will be buying them again (because I just watched them sink to the bottom of a ...

I love these sunglasses because they are light weight, cute and comfortable.

Ainsworth Acetate Sunglasses

Beautiful glasses!

These are great glasses so far. I’ve worn them daily for three weeks and the are not flimsy, super clear and feel nice wearing them. They even came with a leash to put on them so I didn’t have to buy that. They really improve daytime vision with their sharp lenses and polarized glass. I am buying another pair. I purchased the Camp with the better lenses for $99. Worth every penny!


I really love these glasses, because they really block the sun’s rays. I threw my cheap pair in the garbage.


I bought a pair of the Camp Trails before and loved them - til I lost them! No good - liked them so much I came back and bought another in a different color and love these just as much! Solid fit and great craftsmanship!

I look cool!

Love the way they look, great polarized lenses, priced right, and made sustainably!

Love them

Great sunglasses, they look good, they’re comfortable, and amazing quality and value for the money.

Well crafted!

Such a beautiful pair of sunglasses that are chic and well crafted. All of my friends look so good in them: they will look good on anyone!

Nice Sunglasses

They’re great!

Lovely Shades

The Ainsworth has been a nice change of pace compared to all those years wearing Clubmasters. Noticeable uptick in quality and feel, not going back.

Beautiful build, I couldn't pull off the look

I like my shades to be subtly unique in design so I was excited about the Hawthornes but when they arrived and I was able to physically try them on my own face they did not work for my face and personal sensibility. However, I can say they were BEAUTIFULLY crafted. The finish details blew me away after owning a pair of Ray Ban Clubmasters. I was pretty happy with my Ray Bans but the Shwood craftmanship is another level of look, feel, and sturdiness. And the price-tag is comparable! No offense to Ran Ban (though their quality does appear to be slipping a little), but I will never go back.

My favorite sunglasses

So glad they made a polarized version of these shades. I bought my first pair in 2014 but lost them a couple of years ago. At the time they didn’t have a polarized version so I bought enough brand. Glad to be back!

Camp review

Awesome sunnies love the clear lenses

Terrific sunglasses

Ordered as a gift, styling and lens exceeded expectations...nice work.

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