Time Well Spent / No. 29

Quarantine Edition

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To Scale: The Solar System

In the midst of a global panic like this it can be easy to forget how small we really are in the grand scheme of things. This video helps put things into perspective.

Video Credit: Wylie Overstreet


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We've all been cursed by a song stuck in our head on repeat. But what if no one else remembered it?

What if you can't find it anywhere...Did the song ever exist in the first place? Did you make it up? How far would you be willing to go to prove it was real?

Deal of the Week

Deal of the Week


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Making Perfect Pizza

Many of you may find yourselves with A LOT of extra time on your hands in the coming weeks (or months). May as well learn to create the perfect homemade pizza with the crew at Bon Appétit.

You can find all seven episodes HERE

Video Credit: Bon Appétit



We know, this song isn't a new release. But it's just so damn good we've got it on repeat this week. If you like it be sure to check out their other full-length albums.

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Got tips for next week's newsletter?
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